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Monday, 17 August 2015

Vietnam, Hoi An Solar Energy, Solar Cooking

Solar Energy! Solar Cooking

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Solar Serve Danang is the address if you want to buy a Solar Cooker.
A Solar Cooker from Solar Serve Danang!
There are more and more expats in Hoi An and Danang who have the space and hopeful the curiosity to start cooking with a solar cooker. Not only boiling and frying but with some improvisation and innovation you can make bread or barbecue! Imagine what a new marketing tool you have too impress your customers! Green is cool and you can even make money out of it!

Vietnam receives 1400-2000 hours of sunshine per year in the north and 2000-3000 hours per year in the central and southern part, but not many people take advantage of solar energy for daily cooking. Only one basic solar cooker is needed to save lives, money, time and even the environment
Simple box cooker - 2008
Since 2000, simple solar cookers for cooking food have been introduced by Solar Serve in Vietnam. 1500 families (updated 2008) have been provided and almost 79% are using these solar cookers frequently. People have been able to save money, time and even improve their health.
Will he use solar power in the future?

Over the years, local people have progressively adopted solar cooking as an alternative cooking method. Therefore Solar Serve hopes to benefit more people in cooking with free solar energy in the coming years.
The use of solar cookers requires changes in cooking habits, food, and food preparations. Therefore a solar cooking training program was set up by Solar Serve. The aim is to provide teaching and training through workshops, home visits and group meetings.

The Lighthouse Restaurant on Cam Nam Island was the first to use a solar cooker!
Since 2000 we have been making hundreds of solar cookers and parabolic's and now we have also been asked to install solar hot water boilers and solar panels in Vietnam. 

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Nguyen Tan Bich (Director)
Solar Serve Center - Lo 24-26 B2.7 - TDC Dong Hai
Hoa Hai Ward - Ngu Hanh Son District - Danang - Vietnam
Tel: (84-511) 3967108 - Mobile: 0919 511 552